Impact of Poor Time Management on a Business (Part II)

In our last article, we saw how lack of organization skills (as a component of effective time management) impacts business goals and achievements negatively. Today, let’s deep dive further to know how time mismanagement causes a whole bouquet of other unwanted business impacts. Poor Quality of Work We all must have witnessed poor quality in goods and/or services at some […]

Coaching & Feedback for Performance Improvement

Inducting employees into new roles or redirecting existing ones for optimal performance are vital to ensure and keep performance on track and to enhance it. One such high impact methodology is ‘Coaching’. Coaching is training or development that helps someone achieve a goal and companies are realizing the importance of coaching. The benefits of coaching can improve the workforce of […]

Human Capital Management

The most important asset at your organization isn’t something you can put your hands on, not your product, not your technology, not your physical office… It is your People, your employees, the Human Capital! Human Resources today is the nucleus of any organization. With responsibilities ranging from sourcing talent, on-boarding to talent management and development – not only an HR […]

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a style of leadership in which great leaders influence, encourage, inspire and motivate subordinates to innovate and come up with the change that will help grow and shape the future success of the organization. This is accomplished by setting an example at the executive level through a strong sense of corporate culture, employee ownership and independence in […]

Problem Solving & Decision Making

In day to day life we are faced with multiple problems and are forced to make numerous quick decisions, whether our decision-making  is effective or not depends upon multiple factors ranging from prior experience, available solutions, costs involved, research, networking and access to requisite resources, etc. Problem can be defined as an undesired situation in which we experience uncertainty or […]