Communication is vital in creating your Personal Brand

Communication is a process that is universal. What matters is how effective it is in order to achieve desired objectives.

What does an interviewer look forward to foremost in candidates? What will impact the spirit of team members when their manager is making an important announcement or breaking some big news? On what does the company’s image in the marketplace depend? We sure don’t need to spell it out.

So, what can make your communication impactful?


Let’s consider a scenario where an executive is deficient in an assigned task and is then assessed by his manager. On one hand the manager can criticize and deal with the employee sternly whereas he can also be assertive and provide constructive feedback telling the employee how he could have avoided the error and be more effective. Which approach might leave the employee feeling conscious of his error in a positive way so that it never repeats in the future? By using encouraging statements the manager is more likely to motivate the employee to do better. And what do you think happens to such an encouraging manager’s personal brand? It simply builds up. People look up to him/her.

Be Expressive

Communication is not just about great language. What is of more importance is expressing your views. To be able to convey a message or a feeling, one has to be expressive about it. Often, people tend to keep their thoughts to themselves shying to speak out because of what others will think or because how they fear coming across as stupid or less knowledgeable or sometimes because they just don’t want to. Remember, staying mum will not get you what you want, while speaking out has its merits. It may not always get you what you want but your peers and seniors will get to know that you speak your mind and the kind of questions you ask or suggestions you put forth will also convey to them that you can think and ideate probably. This is another element in building your own brand.


The element of ‘confidence’ works its own wonders. When you are confident about something you will be able to portray it more effectively. For some, confidence runs in the veins but who says the others can’t be that way. There are ways and means to build your confidence and given the importance of effective communication, there are several ways to gear up your confidence. Professional input and training is a great way to sharpen both your written and verbal communication skills. With your confidence levels up to expected mark, there is no doubt you will be able to communicate powerfully.

Written communiqué

Definitely not the least, written communication has its own place and significance. Often what is shared in a written manner can have dual or different meaning altogether. Corporate communication has to be assertive, result-oriented and to the point but often given our race against time, executives underestimate its importance and make do with just the bare minimum requisites. Written communication goes a long way in creating image. Remember, how messages / articles ‘From the CEOs desk’ are always read keenly? Check out the language.

Responsible behaviour and ownership

While powerful communication is considered as an ace skill, something that should go hand in hand is the onus of communication, especially when it goes out wrong or when it is misinterpreted and you become aware of such misreading. Miscommunication is one of the biggest hurdles in achieving goals, as it has wide range of consequences – right from causing disappointment or indifference to even building animosity within the workforce. Such unnecessary and unwanted repercussions only push away any desirable outcome, moreover, they leave the organization vulnerable to effects of low / lost productivity and sometimes even loss of talent.

All said, we cannot ignore the fact that communication is crucial in both personal and professional lives. At the workplace, your communication skills will go a long way in blending with the most appropriate co-workers and making friends out of them, obtaining the trust of your seniors, persuading your direct reports and cross functional teams, winning over customers, negotiating with your vendors and other lot more. So do hone your communication skills continuously to create your own personal brand and succeed!

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