Training has its own Incentives

Undoubtedly, you will agree that training is beneficial as it imparts new skills or hones existing ones. However, there are a host of other benefits an organization gains as a spin-off of the training interventions they conduct. These benefits, while not quantifiable, definitely are visible and can be correlated. Some of these are –

Increased operational efficacy

Your employees across different levels if trained for gaps derived from competency mapping, will definitely show improvement in those areas over a period of time, which in turn, results in them getting more efficient at what they do. Using a multiplier (especially in case of large scale workforce), you will be able to compare incremental variance in productivity for sure. Some of the basics or must-haves would be equipping your frontline with confident and assuring responses to the top few regular customer situations in your business. Imagine how much time that would save your next line of supervisors / managers so that they can invest their time more meaningfully.

Increase in efficiencies, means more profitability

Profits are not necessarily a result of just effective bottom-line controls and aggressive top-line numbers. Almost, both of them are directly proportional. Ambitious top-line numbers need investments in the existing bottom-line and vice versa, a strongly controlled bottom-line will leave limited resources to aspire and achieve ambitious milestones.

Training can make a difference. While of course we acknowledge, it will increase the bottom-line, but you have to consider this…. If training is integrated in the culture then learning becomes a way of life, plus look at the number of errors that won’t happen, number of accuracies that will keep on improving, giving your organization better productivity in a measured timespan. The training investment too should not be considered as a one time sunk investment. It should be spread over a period of time.

Importance of Induction of new Talent

No wonder, not only industry leaders but also medium and small enterprises are adopting this religiously. When you induct a new joinee to your company, even if it is just for about 15-30 minutes, impress upon your new employee the essence of your brand and what are the vision, mission and values your company stands for. This is one of the most proven ways to ensure that the youngest workforce conveys the same brand image and essence to your prospects and customers in every customer interaction, effectively embossing your brand value.

Cascade effect of a trained workforce

If you have invested in training your workforce, you will clearly be able to witness how quickly a newcomer blends in with his role and activities with ease and minimal flaws as he gets handheld and guided by trained & experienced colleagues and himself witnesses consistency in operations, implementation and execution. You definitely would agree to such a workforce model as against newcomers being given a freehand to do things assigned to them. Again, though beneficial, it is difficult to quantify the benefits of such a trained employee outfit.

Absolute Motivation

We all have heard employees share amongst themselves “Oh! The training was ok. It is mandatory you see….blah blah blah..” But let us assure you that the underlying current is ‘Hmmm….so my company trains for even basic things. For sure, getting the job done right matters utmost.’…..’Wow! My company is investing in training for me. I’m sure I can look forward a promising growth path here.’

What more can a company ask for than a motivated workforce?

While of course the most popular motivators could be materialistic, Training is one of the most effective and satiating motivators to an organization’s core asset – its Talent!

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